Who We Are

Who we are

The Association for Information Regarding Vaccination and Right to Choose (Σ.Ε.Π.Ε.Δ.Ε.) was formed for the purpose of providing official legal and scientific information regarding vaccination in every age group. It is comprised of citizens who are interested in safe-guarding the right to choose, and informed consent, as stated in the Constitution and the Declaration of Human Rights.

We consider open dialog and information to be imperative in all matters pertaining to health and especially on the topic of vaccination, which is multi-faceted and affected by many other factors besides science and health providers, such as pharmaceutical companies and their lobbies.

This website offers information from accredited, independent, scientific sources on the necessity, safety and risk of vaccination of pregnant women, babies, children, teens, adults and the elderly, on the short and long term, from many countries.

Our goal is that everyone have the wherewithal to make conscious decisions regarding vaccination whether it be for their selves or their children, based on non-biased information and informed consent.

The information published on this site is purely for educational purposes. For any medical procedure or advice we recommend discussing with your health care provider. Neither this page, nor the association it represents hold any liability.