The aims

The Aims of this Association are:

1. To collect information from authoritative and official scientific sources on the value, the usefulness, the safety and the dangers of vaccinations on pregnant women, infants, children, adults and elder people.

2. To examine the international bibliography on the history and the effects of mass vaccinations in different time periods and areas of the world.

3. To promote with legal means freedom of choice regarding vaccination or non-vaccination and the non-mandatory character of vaccinations in any human group.

4. To collect testimonies from parents on injuries that their children have endured demonstrably due to vaccinations at any age, just as testimonies by adults who have demonstrably suffered harm from a vaccination.

5. To offer authoritative information and emotional support to families and individuals who demonstrably have been injured or are afraid they might be harmed by a vaccination.

6. To collect and disseminative information on the legal status: a) of vaccinations of infants and children in relation to compulsory attendance in the education system b) regarding work positions in health professions and c) relating to the military service.

7. To offer legal and financial support in such cases to the extent the association’s resources and means permit.

8. To communicate and cooperate with similar organizations of patients/consumers abroad both within the European Union and with third countries outside it, in order to exchange information an support in relation to the subject-matter of the Association.

9. To offer information from the aforementioned sources to the wider audience and promote the dissemination of the information with any legal means.

10. To promote the support of human rights and protection of personal data as related directly to the choice of vaccination or non-vaccination of minors and adults. More specifically, to safeguard and protect personal rights, freedom of choice, the non-imposition of vaccination programmes, the autonomy of the individual and their self-determination.

11. To participate in public consultations regarding the subject of the Association and amendments of the related legislation

12. To organize scientific conferences and public discussions on the topic of the right to choose between different methods of vaccination or non-vaccination.

The information published on this site is purely for educational purposes. For any medical procedure or advice we recommend discussing with your health care provider. Neither this page, nor the association it represents hold any liability.