Priciples of the association

The Association and its operation are governed by the principles of equality between members, direct democracy, respect between members and solidarity, sustainability, the naturalness of human beings, their integration to the natural environment and the self-determination of their bodies.

Each adult citizen is responsible for their own health and its care, and each parent is responsible as determined by law for the health and care of their child. Hence, they have the obligation and the right to make rational and conscious decisions for their own health and the health of their child, as long as these are not proven to impinge on any legal right of another person.

Medical actions belong to this category, as determined by the Constitution of Greece and the Human Rights Declaration. Since vaccinations are indisputably medical actions, we consider that, as equal citizens of the Greek State we have the legal right to consent or not consent on their application on our person or on that of our children.

We believe that this choice does not pose a danger to public health and in are in the position to support it with scientific data on every public and open discussion.
We also believe that vaccinations, are not an innocent practice, as they frequently and clearly serve purely profiteering aims at the expense of individual and public health. This conviction is based on the available scientific data, the constant retrievals of childhood vaccines, the recorded injuries they have caused; we also need to keep in mind that the ethics of our era frequently puts first financial interests above human rights, a fact seen in the overuse of all kinds of medications, as well as in the articulation and interchange between pharmaceutical companies, private agencies and state officials.

Finally, we believe that human beings, through their evolution as thinking creatures, have complete freedom in the areas of philosophical political and medical thinking. In this context, each adult person has, for oneself, and according to the Civic Code also for any other person they are the guardians of, the right to choose the medical interventions on their body and the methods of preventive health care and medical treatment they might espouse.

In conclusion, it is appropriate to acknowledge that our Association does not impose its ideas; it respects personal choices and the beliefs of each individual, but exists to secure the rights of its members, which also coincide with basic human rights.

The information published on this site is purely for educational purposes. For any medical procedure or advice we recommend discussing with your health care provider. Neither this page, nor the association it represents hold any liability.